Saturday, May 16, 2009

There Is Nothing For You Out There.

Amanda Palmer instigated a minor twitter phenom as the many and varied Losers Of Friday Night On Their Computers answered her hash tag tribal call. Spontaneously issuing a collaborative list of demands including government-issue, members-only kimonos and etched martini glasses, #LOFNOTC  peaked briefly @ #1 in trending topics before settling into a strong and steady #2 position for the duration of the evening. 

In good capitalist form, the t-shirt has already gone live.

Her fairly spectacular closing toast sequence (in bottom up tweet order):
  • - and with that, ladies and gentlemen....i take one final twitpic for you. good night, and good luck.
  • HIP HIP!!!! #LOFNOTC!!!!!
  •  and when they do, we will welcome them with the warm, non-partisan, loving arms of #LOFNOTC. my comrades!!! i say to you:
  • all assembled!! i say: every night is friday night!!! every poor sod out on the eurotrash dance floor must come home at some point!!
  •  ....we must embrace them, we must love them, accept them, we must hold back their hair when they vomit in our toilets later tonight... 

  •  ...we secretly accomplish incredible things using the power of the internetz. they are none the wiser. we cannot blame them...
  • ...leaving us to do what we do best: hide. and twitter. as they cavort in their bars and clubs and see their star treks and jonas brothers...


  • ...the jeers and the barely-stifled laughs as our so-called friends pack into revved up convertibles, headed for friday nights of vice...


  • dear friends, new and old. many of us are gathered here tonight because for too long, we have felt the shame. we all know it...

  • we're at #2, but that's where we belong, poetically. now. time for our toast. (clears throat). #LOFNOTC glasses HIGH!!!!!!

Well Done.  

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