Friday, April 24, 2009

Eagle Cams on Catalina Island

[Note: If you see snow or a black screeen, you do not need a newer version of a plug-in, you just need to wait until daylight hours Pacific Standard Time. The Eagle cams shut down around sunset. And you now need to hit play to start the live streaming.]

One nest on the West End:

And another nest by the Two Harbors area of the island:


  1. Wow! If that's really live (or close to it), I'm seeing great scenes of Moma Eagle coming and going on the West End, and Baby Eagle in the nest at Two Harbors.

    Fantastic, except, of course for the crawler ads trying to sell me gold jewelry in Boston.

  2. I'll say it again. Amazing. Now I'm hearing the sounds of the chick being fed.

    BTW, have you seen 'Earth' yet? It's gotten good reviews. I was also impressed with the producers being interviewed on Terry Gross's show on NPR last night. They sounded like a couple of nice British chaps who weren't too far gone on the Looney Left, but nice, solid latter-day David Attenborough types.

    Right now in the western Boston 'burbs (not far from Lexington, BTW), it's a cool, Spring evening after a perfect sunny day, and the bird sounds from Catalina blend perfectly with the bird sound in our backyard, 3000 miles away.

  3. Yes, it is live. Two _different_ nesting pairs of eagles and their eaglets. The chirping sounds do make a great background...if you pretend the white noise is the ocean. The crawler ads come with the embed code. I clicked on them because it probably sends a dollar to the (Institute for Wildlife Studies) every time they get an unique url. They only put the cams up recently. The researcher used to have to hike up to the nest site to keep an eye on them.